So is Agenda 21.

Zero Point or the Dollar Sign?

When Dr Eben Alexander III, Harvard-educated neurosurgeon, contracted bacterial meningitis in 2008, he fell into a coma for seven days. During this period of time, Dr. Alexander experienced a close encounter with heaven in a most intimate manner. In his book Proof of Heaven, Dr Alexander describes “a beautiful blue-eyed woman in a ‘place of clouds, big fluffy pink-white ones’ and ‘shimmering beings.’”read more

I have discussed the Zeropoint theory here and admitted to both a conscious zeropoint experience as well as a near death drowning I had as a teenager. I will state categorically that they were completely different experiences.

As a skeptic, a life long student of human nature and a thirty year veteran of conspiracy theories, I have to weigh in on this particular frequency. Though I had a near death experience and there were significant changes…

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