The Ugly Truth


Ed-note (Sabba) – In judaism, women are second class citizens. In fact, we may even ask if they are citizens at all…No right to pray, no right to own ANYTHING, no judicial identity, no right to divorce, must shave their heads when they get married and keep it shaved (and no! this is not a hassidic only tradition: this is what all jewish women have been doing for at least the last 2000 years and the Hasidic are the only ones who keep this tradition alive) etc. And, as if this was not  bad enough, let us not forget that the Torah demands that the rape victim be stoned to death. And to add some more icing on the cake here, let us remember that jewish men’s daily morning prayer is to thank their god for not making them a woman or a goy.

Source: YNET

Surge of reports of…

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